The myth,the man, the legend. Scholars theorize his existence, but all first hand reports have been lost. Scientists have studied his diet for years, but no one truly knows what he will eat. He squirrels away socks in every available location except a hamper. You'll know when your in his presence when you hear his beautiful Saxophone playing.
Holy Megapode! It's a Jimothy!
by KingdaKaNut April 30, 2021
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Ten bucks says Jimothy is a nickname for James.
by Snukky September 19, 2011
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A combination of the names Jim and Timothy; anyone who is named Jimothy will undoubtably be derpy and clumsy. Jimothys are very active, and will often run in circles for no reason. They also have an obsession with anything that starts with the letter B.
"Who is that weird looking guy in the corner?"
"I don't know, but he sure looks like a Jimothy."
by underated optimist December 30, 2015
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That Jimmy thicc big boi you gotta bring when you got them phat staccs to spend with the bois.
"Yo Jimothy is coming tonight."
"Mhmm, he got them timmy thicc jimmies."
by Stan Key Bousi March 3, 2020
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A Jimothy is any person who has an 8 year-old haircut plus enjoys and/or completes a narrow range of tasks. Namely: burn seshes and paying for YOUR benefit. At said burn seshes he goes nuts and this is where jimothies who have not been discovered show their true colors. They will poor gasoline on things that don't have any business being burned. Second, a Jimothy ALWAYS pays for things. Namely: food, vacations, mortgages, and college tuition. In the end we all love a Jimothy and will always appreciate their presence.
Guy 1: I am really hungry!
Guy 2: Where is Jimothy when you need him?!
by Westy '10 July 6, 2010
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Jimothy is a code name for that guy that everyone has a crush on. He's tall and probably plays a sport or two. He's good looking but can honestly be a douchebag sometimes. He's that guy that will always be interested in your best friend, but never you. Actually he'll probably marry your best friend and leave you feeling really awkward.
me- " Hey did you see Holden playing football?"

by SuperSweetHappyPersonandstuff September 21, 2018
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