8 definitions by Bossplaya

County run by Springbrook, so please don't hate
Daaammnn! Springbrook got Blake, BCC, Churchill, AND Whitman on their knees beggin for more?
by Bossplaya April 13, 2005
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This is a cross between a brusky (otherwise known as a beer) and the phrase "brutal."
This term is usually used in situations where something "bad" has happened, but is also funny enough to deserve a beer.
Bossplaya:Did you just see that guy get sacked with that football!
Ace86:That's fuckin' brutsky!
Bossplaya:Haha, Cheers to that
by Bossplaya February 15, 2005
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This term is basically used to describe a combination of 3 things: Butt, Dick, & Pussy (Made popular by the "Friendship Alliance" on Big Brother 6 - Their secret made-up word that was originated by one of the Houseguests' friends)
Wow that person really wreaks like butdussy!
by Bossplaya August 30, 2005
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When you get your cock sucked by someone without any teeth. Through a gumjob, the person will attempt to munch on the head of the cock with their gums.
This person may have a)removed their teeth through dentures b)been a prostitute that has sold his/her teeth for drug money on the black market c)been a crack whore who has purposely chipped out his/her teeth in order to give a gumjob because it gives them pleasure.
"This mah-fuckin' crack whore gave me the best gumjob ever. That toothless bitch gnawed on my cock for hours!"
by Bossplaya February 16, 2005
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A person who enjoys sucking cock so much, that they truly go overboard.
By "overboard" I mean slobbering all over the cock (or drool dripping onto it), as well using their teeth (or gums if no teeth) to munch and knaw on the head. This knob gobbling technique is usually performed by women (or men for that matter) who have not had a cock to suck on for quite a while, or a prostitue who is being paid to suck the cock in this type of fashion (commonly found with no teeth).
"gee-whiz, that prostitute was a fabulous knob gobbler: she salivated all over my cock and gave a great gumjob while she was at it"
by Bossplaya February 15, 2005
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A Poonis happens when your taking a poo, and you have an erection at the same time. Note* This must also be a natural boner.(no porn allowed)
Oh boy, I feel a Poonis coming along!
by Bossplaya January 05, 2004
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1) to touch or experiment with one or more persons private area. OR
2) to feel around with someones privates while attempting to not let them know its you
"would you like to play a little touchy-feely with me" OR
"Ah sick! that guy's playing touchy-feely with that unconscious girl"
by Bossplaya January 13, 2004
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