1. A blatant typo, during the execution of "lmao" the fingers are set upon the incorrect keys, in fact, one too many to the left, on the right hand. This results in "knai"
hahah... that's funny! knai!... lmao*
by Matthew July 27, 2003
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A word that is created when lmao is mistyped!
Lisa:haha that is some funny shit knai
Lisa:oops i meant "lmao"
by DaGod111 December 30, 2009
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Often thought to be a typo of lmao, But what it really stands for is Kicking Nazi Ass Indoors. The term originated during the Holocaust when Nazi's would walk into jews homes and if someone called for them while they were fighting they would scream out "KNAI!!" Or when Jews wrote to each other they woudl often finish a letter with knai !
It is now used as online slang to say something is funny.
Barbara: Knai !
Alina: Ew ! you fucking retard learn to type !
Barbara: You learn to read dumbass, i said Knai, Kicking Nazi Ass Indoors !
Alina: . . . . . . . . Oh ?
Barbara: Mhhm and what bitch ?
Alina: :-(
Barbara: You just got Pwned Noob !
by Thomidnight19 April 9, 2009
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knai = NOBODY KNOWS...Possibly originated from a typo of "lmao". Can only be done by those with extreme typo MAST0RY

Blink /Sigh. says:
Blink /Sigh. says:
Blink /Sigh. says:
rofl wtf is knai
by James from Jamaica March 17, 2005
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a discription of something tremendously funny, it can also be used online.
mark's face is knai

or online use:

mr.classic: i farted
by yenshizzle August 15, 2006
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a bracelet that only cool people wear. usually made of different kinds of string
i made a knai bracelet today!
by umyeahimcool August 21, 2008
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a bracelet made out of string. worn only by cool people.
"im making a knai bracelet!"
by heyyyyheyyyyheyyyy August 4, 2008
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