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Can't spell siege
"Wow, control your yourself Seige"
by James from Jamaica April 29, 2005
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A forum for games. The only place where you can be banned from 5-10 times.

See {Neoblade} 111
Omg - Graviteh got banned again, what's that, 10 times now?

Neo used to be the current holder for the most bans
by James from Jamaica March 1, 2005
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knai = NOBODY KNOWS...Possibly originated from a typo of "lmao". Can only be done by those with extreme typo MAST0RY

Blink /Sigh. says:
Blink /Sigh. says:
Blink /Sigh. says:
rofl wtf is knai
by James from Jamaica March 17, 2005
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Been banned on the forums so many times he doesn't even know where his head is, he pisses everyone off

see steampowered
Fuck off graviteh you whining little cock sucker
by James from Jamaica March 1, 2005
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Says things like "Gimme tha lowdown brethren"

Annonymous's definition is wrong and he has to hide, what a whining little bitch, you must have got banned by her
Only those are "down" with their sexuality utter this phrase. That's why seraph no likey. And dat's tha lowdown on dat brethren.
by James from Jamaica February 26, 2005
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Posts on steampowered and also showbiz2.com

Addicted to personal messages and double posting.

Loves sucking up to mods.
"Hey, I'm gonna check out showbiz2"
"Oh whoa, bacon333 might spam your PM box"
"You're right!"

Just kidding bacon, don't take offense.
by James from Jamaica May 2, 2005
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