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Something somebody says when they are thinking about what you have just said. They have an opinion.. but dont want to tell you what it is.
Person A: I believe in faeries
Person B: Hmm (secretly thinking.. Idiot).
by Rach June 08, 2003

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i love him. although sexually questionable he is gorgeous, and no-one else has such an incredible voice. the best.
ville valo: sex on legs..with a hat
so gone with the sin my darling and beautifl you are
by rach May 08, 2004

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A state of mental and physical impairment you enter after reaching a blood alcohol level of .20, which causes you to act in an uncontrollable manner. Unfortunately, the black out enables you to recall any of the events that occurred while acting so recklessly, and almost always guarantees awaking to wounds you do not remember getting or next to a person you do not remember sleeping with.
"I'm sorry. What is your name agian? I blacked out"
by rach February 06, 2004

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A good mate, very sweet and lovely 2 be around
by Rach October 28, 2003

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a case of the munchies from drinking!
dude.. i just finished that bottle of tequila and i got a bad case of the drunchies
by Rach February 13, 2005

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silly person / idiot
You're such a num-nut Rose
by Rach December 27, 2004

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The Nightmare Before Christmas is an amazing animation directed by Tim Burton and Composed by Danny Elfman. It is based around a town called 'Halloween Town', where Halloween King: Jack Skellington, decides to take on christmas for the year...but things go wrong as christmas turns more into a nightmare.
by Rach January 10, 2005

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