A nice way of saying licking another's anal AKA salad tossing
Some girls like to imagine that they are at Sea World when kissing starfish
by TheMeowingSpanker October 05, 2015
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kissing anothers asshole ( which appears to resemble a "starfish")
kissing a starfish is the start of anal sex
by mclovin5557 December 04, 2013
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(1) the marks left on a bed after a particularly messy round of anal sex.

(2) The act of kissing the starfish, or analingus, performed by either a man or a woman, on either gender.
"Jenna left me starfish kisses after last night's fuckfest... Can you believe that nasty bitch?"

You liked those starfish kisses I gave you last night in the shower, didn't you? I knew you liked being rimmed... You just had to try it.
by Azaroth A. February 28, 2006
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Two people farting simultaneously while their butt cheeks are spread, and the butt-holes are pressed together.
Kevin went to the gay bar, looking for a starfish kiss.
by mmelebois August 30, 2011
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The act of rubbing your butthole on someone else's buttonhole (anal scissoring)
Have you ever given someone Starfish Kisses? It's the second most intimate thing next to penetration.
by swamp_lord May 26, 2015
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The act of making two people's buttholes touch together.
Mouth kissing grosses me out; but I'd love to twin starfish kiss with you.
by Hamlet Lynn September 20, 2019
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