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nickname for a guy named "kirk".
hye kirkles, how is ya?
by beck March 20, 2005
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1.To "Kirkle" is to babble unintelligibly about a subject using unrelated examples as if the noises emitted are communicating intelligent thoughts.
2. Mindful and articulate babbling.
in conversation: "yes, i do understand sir, it's like riding a bike, when you hit a crack in the sidewalk and the handlebars go this way and that way and then your seat digs into your rear, yes, your problem with cancer is like this", etc. Oh my, i am being a kirkle.
by NU-21 March 27, 2009
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A word meant to be shout out randomly with no true meaning. Just yell it with some friends to start a new trend. Usually used to replace similar sounding words for a quick laugh.
Hey kirkle! Or C'mon kirkle! Or You are such a kirkle.
by KirkleDude May 07, 2018
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