Something that, once learned, is difficult to forget how to do/easy to recall how to do.
"Man, I haven't gone sailing years"
"Come on, man, it's like riding a bike!"
by ChopHo1886 September 11, 2009
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Common slang.
Something easy / everybody would be able to accomplish.
Oh, it will be dead easy, like riding a bike.
Just like riding a bloody bike.
by t0bia November 17, 2006
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This use to mean something that is very easy to recall, or something that once learned is quite hard to forget, but as of recent times this is no longer accurate. From now on, in honor of Sleepy Joe Biden, it will be used to refer to a complete fail or an embarrassing mistake, or when somebody forgets something very basic that they should know or something they knew how to do for a long time.
Joe Biden's presidency is just like riding a bike.

I can't believe you forgot the words to that song that you knew by heart all of your life, that was just like riding a bike! Come on man!
by Icy Wyte July 25, 2022
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When a female rides like a byke during sexual intercourse. Not very complicated to figure out.
Steve: "she rode me like a bike no cap on god"
Homie: Thats litty steve

Ava: "He asked me to be on top"
Grace: "Well did you ride like a bike??"
by ridelikeabyke March 29, 2019
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