when finn raise his glass he say kippis
kippis is same like cheers
he raises his glass of vodka and say:"kippis!"
by matti March 6, 2005
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The best TikToker and he will over pass his cousin
The Kippy is god
The Kippy is better than andy_gub321
by Andygub321 December 24, 2020
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Verb: The act of going out in Berkeley, California to Kip's and Pappy's in a single evening.
1. Bro, you tryna kippy tonight?

2. Oh bro, kippied so hard last night.

3. Friend 1 - Yo, whatchu up to tonight?
Friend 2- I'm kippying, where the fuck are you?
by jtoy March 3, 2012
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A 34 year old male virgin who makes his own virgin merch and sells it to women. He also begs for a kiss on the first date.
“Did you actually beg for a kiss?”
“You fucking Kippy”
by SlangForDays October 21, 2020
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Kippy cap (kitty cat)
Best and special cat super special
by kippy cap December 1, 2020
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From a gaudy type of belt, "Kippy Belt" worn by Westies containing an inordinant amount of rhinestones. Used to describe anything that sparkles.
"You've got the most kippy eyes."
by Lluevos Rancheros August 10, 2003
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Slang used to refer to South Korean people.
Alan: Hey dude! I like listening to this Kippie!
Bob: K-Pop?
Alan: No, a Kippie talking on the streets.
by DAC0 October 28, 2023
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