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finnish abbreviation of internet.
netti = internet, netistä = from internet
löysin sen netistä
I found it from internet
by matti March 6, 2005
GM H2:s are called to Fagmobile in Finland because that vehicle was used in TV show FabFive finnish version by cheering faggots.
See also prius
Faggots use H2:s, it's Fagmobile
by matti September 2, 2005
fag in finnish.
hintti is finnish gayman or only common insult.
- setkä on täys hintti!
- he is totally fag!
by matti April 8, 2005
City in northern finland, about 100000 inhabitants. Oulu is another hi-tech region in finland because strong investments to education.
Oulu is well-known for pilluralli.
Icehockey team of Oulu was champion in finnish national league 2005.
-Ookkonää Oulusta, pelekääkkönää polliisia?
-Are you from Oulu, do you fear police?
(Very old slogan in Oulu dialect)
by matti April 15, 2005
Finnish vocational school students are called to amis.
They are 15-20 years old or only behave so.
Male amis have often slender mustaches and older have car, that is mostly old japanese junk. Amises listen often loud Techno-music in his car with friends and cruising along town, that is called "Pilluralli"
Female amises appears as well but they only sit in backseat of car.
Amikset ajaa pillurallia kaupungilla
Amises cruising in town
by matti March 5, 2005
painu vittuun! is same than eng. fuck off!
-hei, ajat kuin ääliö!
-painu vittuun!

-hey, you drive like idiot!
-fuck off!
by matti March 7, 2005
1. Pertti "spede" Pasanen (1930-2001) finnish famous humorist, inventor and entertainer.
2. (informal) person who look or act ridiculous or stupid.
Setkä on ihan spede
That guy is just clown
by matti March 6, 2005