God of all gorillas. King of gorillas. Grandfather AND father of Harambe. You better not talk about Harambe when you are around him, cause he'll smash the shit outta ya. Oh yeah, he's out for revenge.
Zoo Guard: --Shoots Harambe--"Boom!"
Harambe: "Blehhh" --Dies--
King Kong: --Smashed Godzilla before smashing the guard's city and him--
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by QUIRGLE December 20, 2016
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to shit on top of a toilet while both feet are positioned on the side walls like king kong
" I didn't want anyone to see my feet so, I king konged that toilet bro"!
by TOMBOMCFAREN June 17, 2015
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To "King Kong" is when a man stands, feet planted, and slaps his thighs from side to side with his penis by shifting his weight from hip to hip.
I dropped my pants, lifted my shirt, and pulled a King Kong.
by N.G.R.B. May 28, 2011
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