Giant, very loud speakers that will blow off your fudgin doors on full blast. These speakers are also mentioned in rap star Jibbs's song, King Kong.
Dude, this kid bought some King Kongs and put 'em in his trunk. He played his music, and the back of his car got blasted off!
by Liraz Konomichi April 19, 2008
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When your fucking a girl from behind and you cum on he rback then shave your head on it.
Bob was fucking betty in the ass and then he King kong her.
by Murrden peeps October 10, 2007
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where you shave your pubic hair, bust a load on a girls face, and then throw the pubic hair on her face.
When i was done with Betsy, she looked like king kong with my pubs on her face.
by Kyle Wagner III May 09, 2006
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To describe anything huge, like a plasma tv, or a stereo.
Dude your T.V. is so king kong!
by DizzyLizzy January 22, 2007
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