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And extremely exotic and sexy woman with the mad sexual drive that's hard to tame. It takes a specific type of man to be able to handle a Kima.
I need to find me a Kima!!
by Redemption13 January 01, 2019
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The black guy whose name is probably some long ass African name so they just call him Kima. Kimas generally are probably the whitest black people you'll ever meet, but are the shit to be around because of that.
"Yeah, so, Me and Kima were hanging out the other day but he abondanded then he remembered he needed to go watch the office"
by Solderta December 20, 2009
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stand for Kute intense mad ass means cute intense crazy ass
She actin such a Kima n we dnt kno what to do!
by Allahatopia November 23, 2018
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