Fun game with weak, completely outdated weapons.
The first killzone would have been much better had they ironed out some minor issues. I wish they would just set the series in 2025 if they are going to make the weapons so similar to today's.
by Shadow Creator September 07, 2007
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1. Area in front of an armed weapon (possibly automatic weapon) into which an enemy will most likely be killed were he/she to enter.

2. FPS game for the Playstation 2 console which was the first attempt to replicate the success of the XBOX console game Halo by appeasing PS2 gamers who felt left out of the Halo-craze. Killzone unfortunately did not allow for jumping and had less video resolution that the other game. Also, it was an AI-squad-based FPS rather than a true First-Person Shooter.
1. 'Ten more paces and he's in my killzone...'

2. 'Killzone's ok for the PS2, if that's all you have, but NOTHING compares to Halo.'
by 1337 d00d July 01, 2005
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a game that seems badass the first what... five minutes, it quickly turns into a complete gayfest when the other craptastic characters show up, they don't die, you do, there's no point to covering their asses even when ur on the hardest difficulty. The firing mechanics will ruin the way you play real first person shooters (just go sniping in this game) I guess it would be great online, except no one plays the playstation online crap cuz xbox live pwns it into next century, and playstation online is free... this was supposed to a halo killer, seriously this game still sucks compared to halo 1, and that came out like three years before this bullcrap, i have both games and i have to say this game really sucks and it pisses everything off... epic fail... also see goatse for an even more dumbed down definition.
Well-Educated PS2 Owner: i'm going to throw knives at people's throats and rip them out, then cook a grenade and throw it at a horde of men, and then hide in the bushes. why do i do it? because i can't do that in halo, and i don't want to play online where everybody sounds the same.

guy who owns both consoles: fail, none of this crap minus the cooking grenades part ever really happens in killzone... the bushes sometimes happen online, but only if ur ass can find someone to play, and if the bushes are of any use, halo on the other hand, you can do almost everything this guy mentioned, and who needs to cook a grenade when you can stick crap on people, and the plasma sword... awesome, y would u even throw that?
by JeffaloSoldier July 10, 2008
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1. The point in time when one is about to take part in sexual intercourse.
2. Penis in Vagina.
1. "Last night I was in the kill zone, then my girlfriend called."
by AWK November 09, 2003
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