A term used to describe video games in the FPS, First Person Shooter genre, that are believed to be the next big thing since Halo Combat Evolved.
Haze was hailed as a halo killer before its release.
by Falcon_gamer January 12, 2009
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A game which is determined better than the infamous halo game by the gaming community. Not doom.
Connor: “hey are you playing doom?”
Steve: “yea it’s a total halo killer
Connor: “ No the fuck it’s not”
by I_like_dinosaurs June 5, 2020
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A very high-quality shooting video game.
Many say that Gears of Wars will be a Halo-killer.
by Deacon Brandt November 4, 2006
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A console video game (a first-person shooter specifically) which is better than, or claims that it is better than, the games in the Halo franchise. Perfect Dark claimed this and failed, Killzone claimed this and failed. Call of Duty 4 is indirectly claiming this and might fail. No game has yet been able to claim the spot of being better than Halo, and to claim to be a halo-killer pretty much destroys any slim chance they might have had.
"Dude, Perfect Dark is gonna be a Halo-killer."
"No, it's not, you are wrong, asshole, Perfect Dark blows."
by sparkles mcgee October 6, 2007
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