When a friend or partner takes you somewhere against your will but still returns you
"Hey (name) I'm talking/kidnapping you for the day! Don't worry I made sure you parents know! " this would be casual kidnapping
by hotarufire May 30, 2022
A cute way of saying having sexual attraction/relations with someone much younger (usually 10+ years) than yourself. Think Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher or Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade.
“ Woman, whatcha thinking kidnapping a cub like that?”
“Oh you went and kidnapped yourself a cub didn’t you?!”
by Beks0516 August 4, 2022
person a: you were surprised adopted.
person b: you mean kidnapped??

person a: no. you say kidnapping, I say surprise adoption.
by funtimelover February 17, 2022
Involuntary adoption.
Man 1" Dude are you kidnapping that guy?"
Man 2 "WHAT no I'm simply adopting him... involuntarily "
by Perluar laling May 7, 2021
A strangely popular tag on Archive Of Our Own (AO3) with at least eighty works with it as a tag.
A kidnapping that is consensual; whether for sexual reasons or otherwise.
John: "Hey, I read a really funny fic on AO3 today!"
Amy: "Yeah? What were the tags?"
John: "One of them was 'Consensual Kidnapping' lmao"
by ASliceOfTea May 3, 2022
Bus kidnapping in 1976 where a bus full of kids and the bus driver were buried alive near a quarry in chowchilla ca.they all finally. Escaped largely unharmed and the owners of the quarry were eventually arrested for the crime.
There have been a couple of TV movies made based on the chowchilla bus kidnapping.
by 4realazitgits April 4, 2021
What happens when you don’t eat enough fiber. Probably due to Greek food being high in fatty meats and sauces.

In Venture Brothers S4 E11 “Every Which Way but Zeus” as Billy Quiz Boy is being kidnapped by Zeus he screams for help and is told by Pete White that’s what happens when you don’t eat enough fiber.
After eating all that gyro meat I spent the rest of the evening being kidnapped by Zeus
by Dandy Dan the Candy Man October 2, 2021