Where someone goes into a bank and kidnaps all the women working in the bank for rape later. They may or maynot also rob it.
there's been a bank woman kidnaping.
by Deep blue 2012 February 18, 2010
What you say when you've been kidnapped, and it totally ruined your day. Like so bad you can't even be scared, and somehow you reach a telephone ti say this phrase.
Cmon man you just had to come and ruin my day. Guess I'll just call 911. Hello? Yes? Yes, help, i've been kidnapped.
by TheMustardMan47 March 28, 2019
A genuinely nice, attractive male, who smokes a lot and is falsely accused of kidnapping his son, whom he loves very much.
by bugmom May 9, 2013
Amy:Hi I have a crush on you i will kidnap you
Amy: i will kidnap you cos its national kidnap your crush day
by L0llip0p June 23, 2021
March 3 is national kidnap your best friend day. The day you get to kidnap your bestie take them where ever you want and make them buy you icecream.
Woah it is march 3, I better go kidnap my best friend and force them to drive me places.

YAY it is national kidnap your best friend day.....I wish I had a best friend so I can kidnap them.
by tormented-anguish December 9, 2021
1. This is where a man is refusing or waving a dna test and signs a pager saying he is the father of said child. This man is called an Alleged father.
2. Court letting the man have fathering rights without a test if it was ordered by law or giving the mother her way.
3. A woman lying to said man saying he is the biological father and not telling anyone about the real biological father.
by 459395 March 15, 2023