A great Destiny 2 weapon that had a god-awful quest. Not worth it.
John: I finally got the Malfeasance... I wanna kill myself now though.
Parker: Shut the fuck up you retarded fuck
by Retard Chicken October 16, 2020
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Intentional wrongdoing, especially on the part of a politician or other public figure - although not limited to them alone; well-thought-out mischief; criminal masterminding; the process of using invention to work in order to craft new methods of wrongdoing.
Certain politicians have gone above and beyond pedestrian politics and have become disciples of creative malfeasance.
The mayor of Podunk has transmuted the art of creative malfeasance into a science; he's been in prison 3 times for it, too. And he just got re-elected.
by alienmindtrick July 20, 2015
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