Another way to say you quit your job or you walked out mid-shift.
Dude! He just got up and Antonio Browned work!

I’m off to tell the manager my new name, here, is Antonio Brown! Peace out!
by RugbyDrinkinBro January 3, 2022
The act of furiously masturbating onto a female’s back while watching religious television while wearing an outdated football helmet.
I was so excited about signing with the Patriots, I went out and Antonio Browned a chick.
by captaininsano10000 September 11, 2019
Another word for clown; a person who behaves in a foolish manner; nonsensical
How are you friends with Kevin? He's such an Antonio Brown.

Hey Will, what do you think of Gary?

He's one big Antonio Brown.
by Foulesttoaster5 September 27, 2019
The biggest little bitch in NFL history.
Example 1
Bob: Wanna know something funny? Antonio Brown tweeted “Keep your emotions off the internet” and then verbally attacked JuJu for no reason.
John: Wow, he must really be jealous about not winning Team MVP. He’s still not over it?

Example 2
JuJu is lit, Antonio Brown ain’t shit.
by JuJuIsTheGoat April 9, 2019
When you haven't had a good shit in a long time and you think this might finally be the one but it ends up just being a fart that requires a lot of clean up.
Me: Aw shucks I thought this one would go all the way, instead it was just a little Antonio Brown
by CatScratchedNut October 26, 2019
1.A fucking legend 2. Top 1 WR in the NFL
Hey pete you heard about Antonio Brown? *PETE*oh yea, doesn't that mean hes a Legend
by Ndmfnnff July 1, 2018
The act of getting Spartan kicked or drop kicked by someone to the ground at full force.
Bob: this girls tits were popping out of class today bro!
Max: pics or it didn't happen
Bob: If I took a picture she would've Antonio browned me!
by Saints4life September 8, 2014