Platform and website for people, including artists and filmmakers with ideas or projects to raise funds to make them happen.
I just pledged 5 bucks to Barbara's kickstarter so I could get the hand written thank you card reward!!!
by crantasticvoyage April 25, 2011
A crowd-funding website where you give money to a company, artist, filmmaker, game developer, etc. to fund their project. A project could be anything, like a game, product, album, film, etc. If you pledge enough money, you can get rewards given to you by the maker of the project. Generally, it's a website that allows people to make their projects with money from the Internet.
Did you see the new Kickstarter? The original Banjo-Kazooie developers want to make a spiritual successor!
by ThatPyro August 11, 2015
The act of running into a bathroom stall, whilst your friend or a stranger is relieving himself of excrement, and kicking him\her in the stomach to further facilitate forcible bowel evacuation.
"After Thanksgiving, my Uncle Carl said that he was 'prairie dogging', and asked if I could give him a kickstart."
by Nexxicon February 9, 2011
Before nailing your missus from behind, place your big toe inside the waist band of her knickers, preferably g-string, and kick downwards as if starting a motorbike. At this second you will make the sound of a spluttering engine, the panties are removed and you enter a hole of choice.
I couldn't bear her mug so I flipped her over and went for a kickstart and hammered her rusty sheriffs badge.
by Dr Chopstick November 1, 2006
When your girlfriend is into bdsm and the only when you can get her in the mood is by giving her a "KICKstart''
yeah mate my girlfriend needed a kickstart before we could get down and dirty
by Kropman May 24, 2020
The occurrence when two females who glance at each other bond instantly with some underlying sexual expectations.
Two females who just met are scanning each others bodys with a smile on their faces and then gives a subtle dirty look.
Random present guy: "What we have here, ladies and gentlemen, is a classic lesbian kickstart."
by Slurf December 30, 2013
The act of hitting as many social media platforms as possible to get your kickstarter campaign exposure.
'I've just spent the last 48 hours kickstarter bombing the internet for backers!'
by Rockshaper May 10, 2015