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A joke made by Jon Jafari on his online comedy gaming show, Jontron. This joke occurs during the "Titenic" episode, where the creators of a Titanic game fatally misspelled Titanic. Jon has partnered with music channel Schmoyoho to make a song called Titenic: The JonSong, which is a musical montage about Jontron and Titenic.
How could they mistake Titanic for Titenic if they're making a game about it?!
by ThatPyro June 18, 2015
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#1: A brand of spiced ham (hence the name) that was sold.
#2: A type of advertising found in electronic and physical mail.
#3: A constant use of a word, sentence, or number of sentences on the Internet and online games. The use of Spam in this definition was based off a sketch in Monty Python's Flying Circus where the word "Spam" was constantly used throughout the entire sketch.
A server is playing a match of a first-person shooter. This was found in the chat.
SketchGamer: Stop using spam!
by ThatPyro July 17, 2015
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Talkative is an adjective used to describe people who talk too much. It's usually used as a negative term, and I can see why. Talkative people are the WORST. I got roped into a conversation once about ropes with my chatty (another word for talkative) friend, and it was horrible. I mean, I know he's enthusiastic about it all, since he's an expert in knots, but seriously, could he not shut up? I mean, he was talking so fast, it was like his jaw muscles were motorboat engines. I wasn't even sure if he could breathe any more! Anyway, he was talking about some stupid tactic, when I'm approached by a creepy lady. She's like "Hey, my name is Jessie, the hotdog vendor, but you can call me the HOT dog vendor." I was cringing. Was this creepy lady flirting with me? She leaned in for a kiss, but I ran away from her. She was following me, saying, "Maybe you can put some wiener in my buns, if you know what I'm saying!" This lady was horrifying! She followed me through the hallway. By now I was running for my life. She caught up to me and knocked me down on the ground. She stared into my eyes with a devilish grin. I could see all her inner evil and darkness. I was hoping this wouldn't turn into some creepy fanfiction. She stared deeper into my soul. Then, she wasn't a person anymore. She was a demon hotdog. Everything flashed through my eyes. But then, the demon hotdog started making a choking noise, and collapsed. It was my friend, who strangled the hotdog to death with one of his knots.
This is a sentence that isn't from a talkative person.
by ThatPyro July 7, 2015
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A crowd-funding website where you give money to a company, artist, filmmaker, game developer, etc. to fund their project. A project could be anything, like a game, product, album, film, etc. If you pledge enough money, you can get rewards given to you by the maker of the project. Generally, it's a website that allows people to make their projects with money from the Internet.
Did you see the new Kickstarter? The original Banjo-Kazooie developers want to make a spiritual successor!
by ThatPyro August 11, 2015
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A word to show that it really happened. Not to be confused with figuratively.
Correct Usage: It rained so hard last night, I could LITERALLY hear the raindrops as I was sleeping.
The person could hear the rain falling down while they were sleeping.
Incorrect Usage: It was LITERALLY raining cats and dogs last night.
Apparently, cats and dogs were falling from the sky last night, according to this person.
If you got this wrong, I don't blame you. I didn't know for a while, too.
Literally is not figuratively.
by ThatPyro August 16, 2015
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A sentence that is excruciating long, as it goes on without a period. Not recommended by anyone, especially people who have to read what you wrote.
Person 1: So today I had this really weird experience where a random guy gave a hot dog to me and walked away, but then later he came back and wanted the hot dog back even though I just ate it, so he called the cops and pinned me to a lamppost but I escaped and told everyone on the next street that there was this lunatic with hot dogs and they should avoid that street but they thought I was a lunatic so they chased me around the city until I got on a train and rode to Oakland where some really buff dudes wanted my money for some reason so they chased me around the city until some cop cars ran them over, but the cops heard about me so they shot at me and I stole their guns and shot them in the face but then this lady heard me shoot them so I shot her and I started running and there were helicopters and explosions and I may have just taken out the entire police force of Oakland, and come to think of it, I did drop that nuke on Oakland so maybe everyone there is dead, what do you think?
Person 2: I'm calling the cops.
Person 1 then shoots Person 2 in the face.
-An example of a run-on-sentence
by ThatPyro March 19, 2016
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