Noun. Barbs; short for Barbara. Barbara is the most kindest, helpful, beautiful, smart person I know. When you are around a Barbara, you laugh for the randomest things. Barbs is also a very strong independent woman, she don’t take sh*it from nobody. She has a funny unique laugh that when you’re in a crowed area you know it’s her.
1. Wow, did I just hear barbs laugh ?
2. Who’s that beautiful woman? Must be a Barbara.
by StephArena February 17, 2019
Usually a girls name whos beautiful funny most of the time not that smart but usually a all around girl shes perfect she always puts a smile on your face n treats you good yea she can get mad easily in certain moments but she means the best she loves you for you not just your looks or your money barbara is just a fun girl when shes not mad but she will make your day so much better in every way she knows what makes you happy n will never take no for an answer she is very hardworking n talented she loves to dance shes has a fine body shes creative n she may tease you but thats because she loves you she will treat you like a king you should never let a barbara go shes the best girl you will ever meet in your life. She may be stubborn at times but you will always forgive her for stuff n she will always put a smile on your face no matter what. You'll never forget a Barbara!
You should find yourself a Barbara they're perfect
by Juan l July 20, 2019
barbara is so nice and everyone loves her. She never lies and people can talk to her really easily. All the guys love her and all the girls want to be her. She is truly caring and loves to have a good group of friends. She understands you easily and is a model. She is truly the bomb.
I love my friend barbara. everybody wants a friend like barbara.
by barbaras admirer (#63 admirer) February 26, 2019
Kind,sweet,caring, most awesome person in the world, everyone who knows her loves her, and an amazing cook. The best mother as well
“There is Barbara ”
“ she is the best
by Tiss March 13, 2020
Noun. Beautiful lady. Voluptuous. A mysterious, strange woman.

Adjective. Perfection. Beauty. Strange.
She's defintely a Barbara. I've never seen anything like her.
by T.S. 15 April 9, 2007
A woman of grace and dignity. Spends 45 minutes getting ready. A character created by Katya Zamolodchikova.
They're coming to get you Barbara...
by welovebarbata August 6, 2018
The best kind of Barbara loves dogs more than people.
We need to find a Barbara to take care of our dogs.
by Barb Fan December 20, 2019