An Internal Combustion engine, popularised my Mazda in its earlier days. Makes distinctive buzzing noise, which can usually be heard from a distance. Uses a chamber with a spinning rotar inside to create driving force, and creats more power than a conventional piston engine for its size. Rotaries also have an annoying tendancy to have very poor fuel economy.
<cool guy> Man, my RX-3 has a 13B Rotary in it out of a series 6 RX-7!!

<nooblet> sweet!! start it!!

<cool guy> HELL NO it will cost me too much in gas :@
by The Gracer August 17, 2005
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A traffic circle. One of Massachusetts' two main contributions to the art of traffic regulation (the other being the red-and-yellow pedestrian-crossing light).

Note: Proper rotaries ah big, typically where several roads (two main roads) come together. They are not to be confused with roundabouts, which are cute, dainty little things used to "calm" traffic in subdivisions.

I just learned this was a New England thing, who knew.

Usually there are a lot of stores all around it, and like a little "green" in the center with some memorial.
becareful going through the rotary, you have to pay attention to right-of-way.
by wickedNH February 6, 2004
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An circular intersection, known in other parts of the world as a roundabout or traffic circle. By far the best form of intersection, as traffic is seldom required to stop, however the advantages of rotaries are often negated by drivers who are too stupid to properly navigate them.

There are a few rules to rotaries.
#1. Traffic already inside the rotary has right of way.
#2. The outside lane is for taking the first or second exits only. You may not go all the way around the rotary in the outside lane.
#3. The inside lane may be used for going beyond the first two exits.
#4. Once inside the rotary, do not stop. Rotaries are designed so that traffic inside the rotary does not have to stop, if you stop, drivers behind you will not be expecting it, causing the risk of a rear-end collision. If you cannot get to your exit, simply drive around the rotary again.
Ever since they installed that new rotary, traffic has moved much more smoothly.
Some dumbass in an SUV talking on a cell nearly sideswiped me when he/she couldn't stay in his/her own lane in the rotary!
by melinuxfool April 28, 2008
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Verb - Third base, when received by a woman.
"He rotary dialed me"

"I want you to rotary dial me"

Penny: "I went to third base with Peter Wong in that rec room."
Jane: "Penny got rotary dialed on your bumper pool table!"
by Rick Rickman January 20, 2012
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To eat so much that you have to drop a load and while you are on the toilet you keep eating causeing yourself to have to continuousley take a shit. It is most commonly lnked to depression

CAUTION: Rotary-shitting can lead to obessedy and constipation
When my girlfriend lucy broke up with me I was on the toilet for six hours rotary-shitting
by Kid Cardashian November 7, 2010
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To correct all of those that don't know, the rotary engine is an engine that was thought of by Dr. Felix Wankel when he was 17 and he made the first prototype of this type of engine, but sadly never perfected it (he never got rid of the chatter marks). Once Mazda got a hold of it and started working on it they perfected the engine, getting rid of the chatter marks and adding a second rotor because at low rpms a single rotor became erratic and had torque fluctuations. Also, the rotor is not shaped like a dorito, it's closer to one of those old 3d doritos (if you remember those) because it is an equilateral triangle with exploded sides.
You should do some research before claiming you know about the rotary engine.
by snoopay700 November 21, 2006
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1.a term used when a person is refering to something technical about which he has no real knowlege.
2.often used in a response to the question "What were you doing?"

Originally used in the movie "Tommy Boy" with Chris Farley.
1.Q:"Hey, do you know what's wrong with my computer?"
A:Yeah just a second I think there may be a problem with the rotary girder.
2.Q:"Dude, what the hell are you doing?"
A: Sorry, I was just checking the specs on the rotary girder.
by KoolAid March 11, 2004
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