All that embodies Alvaro and Meredith the best favorite heros ever in the whole wide world
Holy shit your kickassness makes me drool
by Alvaro & Meredith September 2, 2004
Kickassism is a way of thinking, akin to a philosophy, created by Patrick Antonicelli. There are 69 tenets that exist within Kickassism. While Kickassism is not a religion, there are Patron Badasses, role models from all walks of life, fictional or not, that teach us how to be the most badass we can be.
Kickassism teaches us that we should love ourselves, and love punching the fuck out of some sharks.
by The Disparate Wanderer March 31, 2014
awesome, chill, cool, fun, exciting, daring
There is a kickass party tonite at Nicole's house.
by Hottie Girl April 27, 2002
A word used to describe something that is cool or pleasing to you. A very skater word - used very commonly.
person 1 : I got an a* in chemistry
person 2 : KICKASS

Person 3: wow that concert was really kickass
by Who cares? October 6, 2005