Yet another example of my little brother's obscene colloquial expressions. An interjection used to signify excitement or enthusiasism.
Jamie: Oh that's friggin' awesome! Kick a DOG!

Me: What the? What did I tell you about kicking dogs?

Jamie: "It's fun"?
by Zenhachirou May 13, 2003
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When someone in power over you forces something upon you, and you in turn force something on someone under you. like when parents punish you, then you turn around and beat on your little brother.
Sammy beat up timmy because his parents took away the xBox. he's just kicking the dog
by Anti December 30, 2004
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18:09 cyren : work sucked i went home and kicked the dog
by v0id-MP January 04, 2011
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To endanger a relationship through thougtless or insensitive behaviour. Usually used in the past tense, after the relationship has in fact ended due to said behaviour.
If I forget the missus's birthday I will really kick the dog.
I can't believe I forgot the missus's birthday. I really kicked the dog this time.
by JJJJ April 24, 2006
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The phrase describes the process of resetting the watchdog timer of a CPU. This part of the hardware ensures that the device doesn't get stuck in an infinite loop. If the dog doesn't get kicked from time to time, the CPU resets.
John: Hey Buddy, let's kick the dog!
George: I normally don't abuse animals
John: No, I just want to reset the watchdog timer
by Graf Zahl November 05, 2013
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To feel bad about yourself because of the way you are.
To hate something about yourself that you cant change.
Sometimes to hate the way others react to what you do or say.
Why do you have to kick the dog every night about cuz you dont have a girlfriend?

Hey, hey, man, dont do it I saw you kick the dog into a brick wall last time you went and confessed to missing a date with your girlfriend just so you could trip with your mates.

Man I never kick the dog over how big my dong is I just wish I had some girl who knew a place i could put it
by felicity kendall October 18, 2007
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a little dog that always barks and annoys the shit out of you. Resulting in a good hard kick.
Shut your god damn "kick me dog" up.
by Franscicle August 08, 2012
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