kshatriya caste of indian punjab region,pure aryan stock .coolest and most clever clan of punjabis..beware of them as they are good and probably best dealers of the world.
example:kapoors,chopras,dhawans,etc and other businessmen and higher ranking officials in indian army and military .example 3 generals of indian army have been khatris
by karan_karry October 14, 2009
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a derogatory term used by people in the USA and UK to refer to people from India.
Steven: Dude, why this guy is showing off for no good?
Raz: Yo, these khatris have a misconception that they are the coolest..lol..haven't you watched all those ripped off and crappy Bollywood movies!?
by Jhonny Walker July 10, 2008
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the smelly collection of poop caught in the hair of the asshole
by Steven Saunders April 7, 2008
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krish khatri is the coolest kid you will ever meet. He's hawt, sexy and a epic to be around. Girls swoon around him. He is a big anime nerd and is very slick. He attracts girls without even trying. Krish Khatri is the closest thing to god on this earth. He has a very good life and future and is a true gamer.
girl 1: "here comes krish khatri"
all the other girls "omg I want to fuck him, he's so hawt I'm cumming through my titties"
by EpikWhale February 18, 2021
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1. a girl who makes you drop on the floor of laughter
2. racist kkk wanna be
3. my bff because we love fufu
Mayuri: hi durka!
Mitsu: HAHHAhahahahah oh, mayuri khatri, you make me LMFAO ROFL PASS FARTICLES OF PISS
by woot woot toot toot May 18, 2008
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When a make let's a female do cocaine off his penis then performs oral sex on the penis until completion.
Carmen had to go to rehab after performing so many dirty khatris
by TyrianDax August 15, 2017
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