A wild and fiesty girl yet caring and thoughtful.
Kinky and out of control yet knows when to simmer down. Will take you for a ride and have their way with you.
by marilynjohnny91 February 05, 2010
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A Kezza describes a lively and fun person. A Kezza is a skinny legend who is well known among their peers.
Girl #1: Hey, (Girl #2), were you aware that you're a Kezza?"
Girl #2: "Well thanks (Girl #1), thanks for letting me know!"
by Penguinsgalore August 06, 2019
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kezza. kezza is when one of your good buddies blesses you up phatty style with a big fat juicy hit from his unreal massive vaporising devise. it is usually give by a nig legend
1)hey bro gez a kezza
2)nah bro fuck you i ramed your mum yesterday faggot
3)dw i got you
by bigboiiiiii 65 March 20, 2019
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