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Someone who lives anywhere on Key Biscayne except the Grand Bay or the Ocean Club, attended KBCS, smokes the Chronic, is generally an undesirable character, likes budweiser, and has spent excessive time at the skihole.
by gman February 18, 2004
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the cooolest rowdyiestt people you will ever meet
you know you're a key rat when:
1 the on y pizza that willl ever love is sir pizza plus ranchh
2. all our hangouts is sir pizza Cvs or da rec
3. we play evry sport known to man and were sik
4. u have once visited the mangroves and thought that bums lived there.
5. tony gaudi is like your dad
6 you know every one.
7. every ones got your back.
8.UM is number one. go to cvs for the hell of it.
10. you have like 30 baller bands in the back of ur closet
11. you WENT to KBCS!!!! and saint agnes since u were 2 and ms durant was the coolest teacher in the world
12. you at least once went to youth group
13. you know, and frequently visit the skihole
14. you know at any time during the day before night, you can find all guys at the rec make fun of chongas for a living
16. the girls always ditch the guys for older ones as they're entering high school
17. you know who the archies are
18. seven eleven is always a pittstop while entering the key
19. there's at least five new words made up every week ,which people actually use
the key rats are the siiickest people around
by robert frost June 27, 2006
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A born and raised person residing on the most humble of all abodes in Key Biscayne, one that must comply with KR rules to become one.
Kendall Characters are not Key Rats, Refs are Not Key Rats
by Dre Dre February 18, 2004
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biggest pussies in florida. swear they are hard shit. cant get pussy to save their life. suck dick at sports. think that "the key" is rowdy. soft doctors boys. think they live in the ghetto when they live in 1 million dollar houses. drive mercedez and bmw's that their rich parents gave them. cant fight without back up. get fucked up everytime they fight unless its 5 to 1. swear that can ball up in basketball but suck a dick. key rat football is the sorriest team in the world. their made up words and slang is gay and sorry. should never leave the key. swear they are thugs. dkb is the softes gang alive. they all should jump off the fucking key biscane bridge and die.
DKB sucks dick. dkb, wow. key rats can suck a dick and fucking die
by Mike Awk October 17, 2007
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1. a gang of 12 year olds who live in Key Biscayne and steal candy from 7-11s; you can usually spot one or two being driven around in a Suburban on their way to youth soccer practice; an easy way to catch one of these "rats" is to turn a sprinkler on in your yard, or leave large amounts of chocolate bars on your doorstep
2. a rich, spoiled wastoid who is too stupid or spoiled to ever move out of their parents' home
3. what happens when you are so sad that you compulsively vomit
1. I went to the movies yesterday, and while the movie itself was good, I did not enjoy myself because there were two 10 year old key rats sitting in front of me who reeked of malted milk balls. I also couldn't see the screen over their beanies.
2. Lyman just sits around playing Super Nintendo and masturbating to "Three's Company" repeats; what a key rat.
3. After Alejandro ran out of Pokemon episodes to watch, he began key ratting all over his room. By coincidence, he was also a Key Rat, so he smelled like fermented chocolate.
by Yuri Von Stinkovic December 14, 2004
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A Key Rat is one who lived in Key Biscayne between the 50s and 70s and actually operated as an organized crime gang. Up untill the 90s The Key was in the dark ages. In 90s there was a resurgence, a renaissance, a true enlightenment of ruthlessness and debauchery. These young men became known as Mid Side Kings. They lived in only a 3blk radius from "The School" aka K.B. Elementary. After about 2002 or so there have been only wannabes and groupies riding the fame of these brave men.

A Key Rat is one who has a record, dead, in jail, been to rehab(and it's not for chronic sweethearts), f*cking your gf, beats up bouncers, gets up on US1 and everywhere else, robs houses, rims, jewelry, your bitches, and anything he can get his hands on. He would also move large amount of weight, threw "V's"(violations), get rushed, rumbled without even thinking twice, feared, respected, envied, jocked, and being a degenerate and charming at the same time. Just had to clarify a lil before you dare calling yourself a Key Rat. Had Real Beef with real gangs and crews, and affiliated with Real G's b/c u gotta be one to be down.

mad love to the other True Key Rats:KMOB,KB,HIV, and rest of u. u know who u are.
Living in The Key does not make you a Key Rat, nor does having BMW, Audi, Mercedes, or any other luxury car.
Being a Key Rat is a lifestyle, not a catch phrase.
I saw a Key Rat crack that guy in the head with a bottle.
I started beef with one Key Rat, and suddenly like 20 started hitting me.
by OBTANE1SELF September 08, 2010
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n. similar to a Cocoplum Gangster. This is a rich, spoiled, wannabe-thug who lives in Key Biscayne or "The Key" as they call it. Typically can be seen driving the Mercedes-Benz or BMW his mommy and daddy bought him. He might be affiliated with a "gang" and may even threaten to slap you with his wallet.
The Key Rats got in a fight with the Cocoplum Gangsters on the other side of town over who had the more expensive car.
by el pandillero December 08, 2004
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