2 definitions by robert frost

the cooolest rowdyiestt people you will ever meet
you know you're a key rat when:
1 the on y pizza that willl ever love is sir pizza plus ranchh
2. all our hangouts is sir pizza Cvs or da rec
3. we play evry sport known to man and were sik
4. u have once visited the mangroves and thought that bums lived there.
5. tony gaudi is like your dad
6 you know every one.
7. every ones got your back.
8.UM is number one.
9.you go to cvs for the hell of it.
10. you have like 30 baller bands in the back of ur closet
11. you WENT to KBCS!!!! and saint agnes since u were 2 and ms durant was the coolest teacher in the world
12. you at least once went to youth group
13. you know, and frequently visit the skihole
14. you know at any time during the day before night, you can find all guys at the rec
15.you make fun of chongas for a living
16. the girls always ditch the guys for older ones as they're entering high school
17. you know who the archies are
18. seven eleven is always a pittstop while entering the key
19. there's at least five new words made up every week ,which people actually use
the key rats are the siiickest people around
by robert frost June 27, 2006
When your lady friend places a tophat on her head and an ice cube in her mouth, sucks you off to full release, gargles your spooge with the ice cube to a nice frothy mix, and finishes by spitting it into a festive holiday-themed glass.
All I want for Christmas is a visit from Frothy the Snowman.....
by robert frost November 16, 2020