1. A burnout of a burnout. 2. A dregg who's eyes are cased with the dried tears of their life, as they've realized all their dreams are unattainable except for the drinking part.
I got an idea! Lets go knock around some wastoids.
by cakes June 11, 2003
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I had about 18 beers last night. I was such a wastoid.
by Hu_Jia August 18, 2006
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An eighties term for a drug user that is now only used by guys with mullets.
by kreecher August 16, 2003
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A person who really (I mean REALLY) abuses drugs.
You are such a wastoid!

Miley Cyrus seems like such a wastoid
by Wes the Human September 14, 2015
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idiots that use the word "gay" as an insult like its a joke when its clearly a sexuality and can offend someone.

whats so bad about loving someone?
"thats gay man" shut up human wastoid
by seokjins gay wife September 13, 2019
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