1 definition by Yuri Von Stinkovic

1. a gang of 12 year olds who live in Key Biscayne and steal candy from 7-11s; you can usually spot one or two being driven around in a Suburban on their way to youth soccer practice; an easy way to catch one of these "rats" is to turn a sprinkler on in your yard, or leave large amounts of chocolate bars on your doorstep
2. a rich, spoiled wastoid who is too stupid or spoiled to ever move out of their parents' home
3. what happens when you are so sad that you compulsively vomit
1. I went to the movies yesterday, and while the movie itself was good, I did not enjoy myself because there were two 10 year old key rats sitting in front of me who reeked of malted milk balls. I also couldn't see the screen over their beanies.
2. Lyman just sits around playing Super Nintendo and masturbating to "Three's Company" repeats; what a key rat.
3. After Alejandro ran out of Pokemon episodes to watch, he began key ratting all over his room. By coincidence, he was also a Key Rat, so he smelled like fermented chocolate.
by Yuri Von Stinkovic December 15, 2004