Someone who lives anywhere on Key Biscayne except the Grand Bay or the Ocean Club, attended KBCS, smokes the Chronic, is generally an undesirable character, likes budweiser, and has spent excessive time at the skihole.
by gman February 18, 2004
1. a gang of 12 year olds who live in Key Biscayne and steal candy from 7-11s; you can usually spot one or two being driven around in a Suburban on their way to youth soccer practice; an easy way to catch one of these "rats" is to turn a sprinkler on in your yard, or leave large amounts of chocolate bars on your doorstep
2. a rich, spoiled wastoid who is too stupid or spoiled to ever move out of their parents' home
3. what happens when you are so sad that you compulsively vomit
1. I went to the movies yesterday, and while the movie itself was good, I did not enjoy myself because there were two 10 year old key rats sitting in front of me who reeked of malted milk balls. I also couldn't see the screen over their beanies.
2. Lyman just sits around playing Super Nintendo and masturbating to "Three's Company" repeats; what a key rat.
3. After Alejandro ran out of Pokemon episodes to watch, he began key ratting all over his room. By coincidence, he was also a Key Rat, so he smelled like fermented chocolate.
by Yuri Von Stinkovic December 15, 2004
The weakest gang on the planet. All we have to do to round up Key Rats is shoot a squirt gun at them, and they start running into the squad car. You can recognize key rats because they're always making castles in the sand, boogie boarding, playing in a sprinkler in their front lawn, or getting their asses kicked by the Gables Centaurs. They're pathetic!
On a scale of toughness from 1 to 10, ifGables Centaurs are a 10, then the Key Rats are a 1.
by Officer McToughass November 29, 2004
bitches who get their asses beat by the gables centaurs, who are the best gang ever!
"I saw two gables centaurs beating the shit out of some kid, he must have been a key rat."
by Emix June 3, 2004
biggest pussies ever: especially the mast guys. think they’re the shit. fucking hilarious but r so stoopid and have nothing to do but sit around stealing shit from cvs and bullying sophia kaynor.
the key rats are all at sir pizza getting wired by kaynor
by 69420g January 30, 2019
Pathetic honkies who wish they could be a Gables Centaur, but can't because they don't live in the baddest neighborhood (The Gables) nor have a good grasp on Greek mythology! Key Rat is synonymous with BEEEYOCH!
1. I'm from North Dakota, but I still know that a Key Rat ain't nothin compared to a Gables Centaur.
2. I saw two bitches getting curb stomped by Gables Centaurs outside of the Circle K. Must be key rats.
by lucious lenny November 28, 2004
the cooolest rowdyiestt people you will ever meet
you know you're a key rat when:
1 the on y pizza that willl ever love is sir pizza plus ranchh
2. all our hangouts is sir pizza Cvs or da rec
3. we play evry sport known to man and were sik
4. u have once visited the mangroves and thought that bums lived there.
5. tony gaudi is like your dad
6 you know every one.
7. every ones got your back.
8.UM is number one. go to cvs for the hell of it.
10. you have like 30 baller bands in the back of ur closet
11. you WENT to KBCS!!!! and saint agnes since u were 2 and ms durant was the coolest teacher in the world
12. you at least once went to youth group
13. you know, and frequently visit the skihole
14. you know at any time during the day before night, you can find all guys at the rec make fun of chongas for a living
16. the girls always ditch the guys for older ones as they're entering high school
17. you know who the archies are
18. seven eleven is always a pittstop while entering the key
19. there's at least five new words made up every week ,which people actually use
the key rats are the siiickest people around
by robert frost June 27, 2006