Catch one derived from catch the fair one. to fight, square up, box, scrap, beat a nigga out. Made in Oklahoma respect or feel my frustation.
You see a dude eyein' you, muggin and what not. You holla at that fool like " what the fuck you lookin at muthafucka, you tryin ta catch one"
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You and someone are having beef so you want to fist fight to settle out the differences.
Hey Dom if you have a problem you can catch the ones.
by Rpg-Rpg January 3, 2018
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A phrase a ghetto white person typically named Liam, Colin, Noah, Kaitlyn, Abigail, or Sarah would use when trying to be big bad and tough.
“You tryna catch these ones?”
“What is you waitin for?! Is you gonna catch her ones or nah???”
“Pull up you fag you’re gonna catch these ones.”

“If I hear you talking shit imma make sure you catch these ones. PERIODT!”
by factmachine December 30, 2020
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A phrase used mostly by white kids that think their ghetto or tough but are realy just dumb hypebeasts who wanna fight you to be tough normally they would say catch my hands or run my fade but some will say catch my ones now the defamation is fist fighting so ones as in fists so the person who says that is basically saying catch my ones(fists) so if they say that beat that dumb fuckers ass nigga
(White poser)-hey catch my ones boy

(Normal ass kid)-no lol
(White poser)cmon catch my ones you little pussy

(Normal ass kid)-shit the fuck up bruh you sound stupid

(White poser)-~charges at normal ass kid
(Normal ass kid)-~beats white posers ass
by Fuck them posers666 December 15, 2018
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To shoot someone with a bullet loaded in the chamber of a gun.
Yo James is trying to fight you.

I ain’t trying to throw hands if he fucks with me he gonna catch the one up top.
by EJontop September 15, 2018
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When somes says "catch a fair one" it often means to have a fair, one-on-one fight
Lets catch a fair one then.

None of that jumping shit. We catching a fair one
by raV0 January 31, 2021
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getting hit in the face with some sort of object like a fist or bottle or bat
If this kid starts something with me he's gunna catch a bad one.
by Gabe February 23, 2005
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