30 definitions by Ras Barry

The study of Wumbo; Opposite of Mini
Wumbology, the study of Wumbo? It’s first grade Spongebob
-Patrick Star
by Ras Barry December 12, 2018
-Where can I find some Heroine?
-Why, on any beach in Menominee of course
by Ras Barry December 18, 2018
Todd Howard, are you talking about God Howard, holy father of Fallout 76?
by Ras Barry December 12, 2018
-“Have you seen Tylar’s girlfriend?”
-“No, why?”
-“Because she is low key thicc.”
by Ras Barry April 15, 2019
Špröng Špröng, it’s a spring
by Ras Barry April 21, 2019