A poetic device, describing a word or a phrase in a metaphoric.
by YTAZURE February 18, 2016
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it is illeagle to go kenning in a public park, i went out kenning for dinner last night
by blahhsnoff November 5, 2010
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when a figure of authority, uses said authority to get close to his victim, physically and or emotionally, who does not reciprocate the feelings. they don't take no for an answer but will fake an apology when rejected. this ruse will continue until the perpetrator is kicked directly in the testicles from the front or back depending on the position of the kenning victim
jesus christ, he's kenning the fuck out of her !

not a suprise, the boss is kenning the new girl already

I got kenned so hard last night...AWKWARD!

Is he k-diddling her right now?
by 22422 March 16, 2018
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1. A literary device
2. A person who may be considered a tool
3. Anyone who is an avid golfer and has a farmers tan from his golfing glove
1. Use kennings to create a poetic masterpiece
2. Mas, dude, he is such a kenning!!!
3. That kenning really needs to take off his glove while he's putting if he ever wishes to rid himself of that farmers tan.
by Victor Sad September 20, 2007
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dumbass puzzles from japan that american math teachers make their students do
Ooh. Ching chong. Washee Washee. Nee sha nee! You nee do ken ken
by Kanye Southeast June 24, 2023
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Awesome but weird lots of fun very interesting and intelligent never really know where you stand with them.
by Thispagewasmadeforme October 6, 2020
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A really great guy. He is a really nice person, has amazing hair, and nice shoes. He has a good sense of humor, but it is in his own unique way. Overall, he is a unique, and great guy so if you know him, you should be grateful because he is an amazing person.
Whoa! That guy has sick shoes and awesome hair!! He must be Ken!
by Dr. JonnyBaboon January 16, 2018
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