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Awesome but weird lots of fun very interesting and intelligent never really know where you stand with them.
Huge fan of ken
by Thispagewasmadeforme October 06, 2020

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Are people that tend to love everyone regardless of there problems they are not judgmental very intelligent a bit masterious but over all very generous giving people.
She got a blue heart
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by Thispagewasmadeforme September 21, 2020

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She is intelligent loves fighting always has you laughing she enjoys dancing spending time with friends and just being herself she has a big heart loves everyone.
by Thispagewasmadeforme October 08, 2020

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Balenciaga is a fashion house founded by Cristóbal Balenciaga, a Basque designer, born in the Basque Country, Spain. He had a reputation as a couturier of uncompromising standards and was referred to as "the master of us all" by Christian Dior. His bubble skirts and odd, feminine, yet ultra-modern shapes were trademarks of the house. The house of Balenciaga is now owned by the French multinational company PPR.
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by Thispagewasmadeforme September 11, 2020

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A move so dangerous is will kill your opponent as soon as it's used beware.
He/She pulled a right eye on me
by Thispagewasmadeforme November 06, 2020

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Believing in true love obsession with one person forever being loyal and always finding was to love each other because if you have it with everyone else it's not special because then you can go to a whore. Finding someone that fits you perfectly and not being interested in another person because that person is the one. Being comfortable content with life not seeing anyone else like they the only person in the world.
You call it old fashioned I call it Hopeless romantic.
by Thispagewasmadeforme November 05, 2020

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Not being able to fit into social norms being pushed out due to intellectual and moral differences .
She was a out cast because she couldn't understand human interaction the way the other kids did.
by Thispagewasmadeforme September 08, 2020

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