A tan that is only on the arms and neck of the person because they were wearing a shirt when the tanning occurred, the rest of the torso is white due to lack of exposure. Farmers get this because they do a lot of labour out in the sun whilst wearing a shirt.
John has a farmer tan, i told him not to wear his shirt on the beach.
by Jesse Eichler June 5, 2005
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When you leave a sheit on when in the son then later take it off, most of your arm is either burnt or tanned and the rest of your arm and boby is white.
After Jon took his shirt off to swim in the pool, he didn't understand why the girlz were laughing at him. He then looked at himself and found out why!
by for you to decide June 28, 2003
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eddy has been gay so we gonna spred this farmers tan sauce on his chair.
by gibby12 April 24, 2008
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A tan where the tan lines are obviously caused by wearing normal clothes outside in the sun for long periods of time, instead of wearing swimwear or more suitable clothes for tanning.
Dude, your chest is so pale compared to your arms. And why are your knees so red? Get rid of that farmer's tan before you come to the beach again, it looks ridiculous!
by kwirk June 5, 2005
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A tan appearing only on the face, neck, and arms. The rest of the body is untaned, and so uppon removing ones shirt there is a distinct line appearing at the collar and arms. A result of working outdoors in rolled up sleeves, T shirts, or sleeveless shirts.

Depending on the situation, a farmers tan can be positive or negitive. Many chicks like a farmers tan on a guy, and all guys appreciate viewing the distinction between a chicks tanned neck and untanned chest (in no small part because her chest will be visible). However, because a true farmers tan is a product of physical labor, the tan is often disliked by those who distain/fear/avoid work and the real world. (read: A place where utility and integrity is more important than fashion.)
A Farmers Tan; The only tan worth working for!
by Grayor©hid November 16, 2008
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More appropriately used by one who works outside all day long especially a farmer. Hence the name farmer's tan.
Bill Joe worked out in the paw paw patch all day and got a real bad farmer's tan.
by Carter SN October 2, 2005
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When one is outside and wearing, say a t-shirt
then there arms tan, and the rest of they're upper body is more white
most farmers you see, will have a farmers tan
by d33d$$ June 16, 2007
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