A sexy,goodlooking,smart and very kind hearted person.
I want to be kems😊
by Botlfx in vf September 26, 2018
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Online gaming lingo.

Acronym for Kill Everything Moving.
I'm about to go into KEM mode on these trolls.
by Paralyzion December 15, 2014
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Term used to subtly insert the word cum into an everyday conversation, perhaps with a colleague or your grandmother, while ideally avoiding public disdain and disgust. Often can be used to hilarious results. Must be spoken swiftly. Can be pronounced like "kim" if preferred.
"Mmm, this lemonade tastes like kem."
"That slam dunk made me kem!"
"Betsy, you've got a little kem on your face."
by Gadnok July 17, 2015
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When a guy fingers a girl using four fingers; one away from being fisted.
Woah, my boyfriend Kemmed me lastnight!

Ew, He kemmed you?!

Have YOU been Kemmed?!
by YouGotKEMMED. March 31, 2010
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A fluid, or sticky substance ejaculated from the penis. Also known as cum or fluid. Can also be used to as a nickname to "yack'em"
Yesterday, i kemed everywhere in her mouth.
by runnin' through a forest July 01, 2010
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A scary person- from the My Hero Academia Wiki
Person 1: Hey look at my Mha Oc!-
KEM: Kem had deemed its trash.
by UwUiscringelmao February 10, 2021
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turkish phrase- someone who is a complete prat and prone to making mistakes
person A- 'knocks over table'
Person B- you're so fucking Kem
by Cemal May 07, 2006
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