The most amazing girl you will ever meet. She has HUGE boobs, and utterly gorgeous eyes. She has long legs. She can make anyone feel good when they are feeling down, she is very smart, and she has a great sense of humour. She can out- comeback any bitch coming her way. She never loses any argument. She has alot of friends, & she is a great friend to all of them. If you meet a girl called Kele, don't get on the wrong side of her, she will make your life a living hell. Instead, try to be friends with her, she will DEFINITELY be nice <3
Oh you're so nice, just like Kele.
by Lolbabe. July 19, 2011
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a Turkish word which is the synonym of the rifle AK-47
Give me that keleş, then I'll kill him.
by theDardanel May 31, 2016
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