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A sexy chocolate girl who was originally caucasian. September 22, 2001, a caucasian Tiwa was driving by a tanning salon. She stopped in and bought a few visits, saying "well, what the hell," as an eleven year old child. As she walked out of the tanning salon, she saw a hair salon and immediately walked in, and got a weave. She never saw the sign outside the tanning salon which stated, "We just may change your ethnicity."
"After I became a Tiwa, my bills skyrocketed from my corn row and weave fetish."

"Black on the outside, white on the inside, tiwa paintjob."
by Cum Dumpster Inc. December 28, 2009
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Tiwa, the french kid at Shorecrest Prep's buddhist dad, is actually synonymous with "shit".
Geez, dude! I just took a big tiwa! Don't go in there.
by ur mom March 18, 2005
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