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keeva is a hot babe with beautiful light brown hair. she is followed by all the guys and everyone wants a friend like her
hot nice friendly caring keeva
by mary-loo September 12, 2013
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Keeva is a loud but sensitive girl. She’s extremley fit and pretty and doesn’t know a lot for her age. She comes across as really dumb. All the boys seem to chase her because she is so fit. She has light brown hair and green, hazel eyes. She is friends with as many people she can be and tries to include everyone. She gets worked up over boys! And has more boy friends than girl friends. She is quite awkward with the people she doesn’t like too. Keeva goes through a lot of rough times in her life and makes herself feel better with hugs. The best thing about keeva is probably her smile. It is painted across her face 24/7🥰
See that Keeva over there, she’s a fitty😍😍
Your a Keeva you😜😜
by holaimnotreal January 30, 2020
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