To be eager, excited or interested in something/someone. A word of many facets.
Q: "We should watch Fresh Off the Boat tonight"
C: "Yeah, I'm totally keen!"

Q: *takes a large bite out of phallus shaped chocolate bar*
C: "Damn, you keen!"

Q: "Let's have tacos for dinner!"
C: "Nahhh, I'm not that keen on Mexican"
by Rain1110 March 14, 2015
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Literally meaning unenthusiastic and unexcited, it is generally used when you don't want to do a certain activity or action.
Use this to completely shut down a person's request. Just continue saying 'Not Keen' to all their plea's, until they get bored and stop bothering you.
OR Friend: Be my wingman at this party, old mate.
Me: No Way! Not Keen.

OR Friend: Pass me my wallet.
Me: Nup, Not Keen.

OR (Rare situation) Friend: Smoke another billy man.
Me: Not Keen.
by Diego November 25, 2003
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1)Eager to do something, or someone.
2)Used to describe someone who is ready and willing for sex, anywhere anytime.

1) are you keen for a pizza matt?
joe. do you think she'd go a three-way?
marcus. yeah, she looks pretty keen
by matthew szwec November 01, 2007
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eager or obsessive about someone or something.
that girl is so keen on hooking up with you.
by linds January 11, 2005
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A fun man who loves his video games. He also can enjoy his way with the ladies... but loves his games and food more than his women
by Imig January 03, 2015
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used to describe something that is in a good state, or prudent

synonyms: rocking, cool, smart
my new shirt is keen!

keen of you to do this assignment the night before it was due!
by Anonymous March 11, 2003
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