3 definitions by SecretLover

The cum that leaks out onto the bed after giving a girl a cream pie.
Awww shit! That's your side! I'm not sleeping on bed bug slugs!
by SecretLover July 27, 2012
Usually a male, whom has the capacity to charm you with simply his smile. Paired with piercing eyes capable of making you fall in love. He has great sense of humor and is always making you laugh, but that’s only if have get the privilege to really get to know him. A very genuine personality. He likes to share his time with friends and family.

He is always trying to help those that need help around him. He is someone you can always count on. Nonetheless, never mistaken is kindness for weakness. He is very determined and confident. He has a strong personality, and will make sure you respect him. He is always working and on top of his grind to make sure his family is set. Overall, you’re lucky if you have a Yaonel in your life.
Wow I just met Yaonel, and God am I in love!
by SecretLover November 23, 2021
1. A phrase placed at one end of a statement to make an otherwise homosexual remark less homosexual.
Wow Becca, nice rack (no Karamo).

No Karamo, but that outfit looks real nice on you dude.
by SecretLover April 26, 2005