a term used by teachers to describe life after high school or college
What is an example of an isulator? Give good examples of how they are used in the real world.
by bobie November 30, 2004
A phrase that is popular among high school/college students and other people who live their lives outside of the societal norm that is used upon the realization that they will soon be entering the drab form of existence where they work behind a desk or counter for 40-50 years, pay taxes and bills, drink cheap beer while watching sporting events or movies on the weekends, wait for the next video game system or iphone to come out, plan trips to Europe, and find a significant other that will help them bring other useless fucks into this world to continue this helpless, modern era cycle of chasing down the newest commercialized good while contributing not a single bit of positive productivity to the world in return.
Person 1 - "Man, I graduate soon. I can't believe it."

Person 2 - "No kidding. I don't know what I'm gonna do. Maybe I'll try to become an accountant or work as a manager for some large retail chain. I heard they get good benefits. Time for The Real World, I guess."

Person 1 - "I think I'll just go drown myself in that lake over there. Its not like I'll be doing anything for the next 50 years anyways."
by Murrdawg88 April 20, 2011
An MTV "reality" show which presents a highly accurate portrayal of what "the real world" is "really" like. Upon college graduation, we're all inevitably thrust into this scary "real world" where a music channel jets us off to an exotic locale and puts us up in an obscenely gorgeous house overlooking an equally obscenely gorgeous beach. And just like in the "real world" we get to experience this standard of living without paying a single dime in rent. I shudder with terror every time I view it because it serves as a constant and painful reminder of what I had to endure in my early 20's when I was living in a Tuscan villa for free. But that which doesn't kill us, makes us stronger.
If you didn't sense the heavy sarcasm in my "Real World" definition, then you most definitely are NOT living in the "Real World".
by Aw yeah October 21, 2003
When MTV first broadcast "The Real World" it was a cool show. Now it's scripted like all the other so-called "reality shows" on TV.
Every season of "The Real World" has the same damn characters:

4) THE "TOKEN" (token gay, token Asian, etc.);
by Bozz Hawg April 16, 2004
A reality TV show that airs on MTV. A show that started out with some noble goals about diversity, social issues, etc. It has, however, devolved into a mindless homo erotic hot tub party of drunken twenty-somethings. All cast members think they'll never have to work a real job after they've been on the show. Former Real World "stars" wind up broke and being pimped out to "make an appearance" at seedy nightclubs for a few hundred bucks. Totally pathetic.
The continued success of the Real World shocks even the most jaded MTV programming director. "People actually still watch this crap?"
by Joseph N Marks August 17, 2007
1. The world outside the Internet.
2. The world outside the education system/academia.
3. The world as experienced by those who are not wealthy and have no friends in high places.
1. Sorry I haven't been in the chatroom lately, the real world got in the way.
2. All those bleedin'-heart intellectuals ain't got no idea 'bout the real world.
3. She has such an easy life. She should try living in the real world sometime.
by informative July 9, 2003
An oxymoronic depiction of seven young adults who are paid to live together and squabble over rediculous subjects. These seven people in no way represent a typical cross-section of their peers.
There is absolutely nothing real about the real world. Wanna see the real world? Try watching a guy work his way through college by surviving off of 25 cent ramen noodles. That's the real world beeyaitch!
by Action Squirrel July 10, 2003