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(pronounced ka-PAY-yow)lifes cheat code. When used as a battle cry, the next action you take automaticaly succeeds. OR
A loud noise
KAPOW!!!!!!!!!!!(throws a rock and blows up building)
by Spaz De Kat January 09, 2009
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Pronounced KA-PAAA-EEWWW!

A cry out of awesomeness, satisfaction or accomplishment.

Can also nonchalantly pronounced, slightly wearily.
Toby: "Look at this sandwich baby, kapow!"

"I just tied my shoelaces, kapow!"

"Amsterdam is just kapow!"

Looking in the mirror. "Kapow!"
by Uforya June 23, 2010
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When some screams KaPow! They suddenly become awesome and an artist.
- Hey, I just wanna be fucking awesome...
- Just scream KaPow...

- KaPow!!! (Suddenly becomes a wise artistic Wizard)
by bleuagh bleuagh January 22, 2011
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The sound made during an especially powerful pimp slap or bitch slap.
"Where is my money, ho?"
"I don't have it, you ****er!"
KA-POW! (pimp slap)
by ColdVantage January 05, 2005
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1. v. To completely destroy something.

2. n. Someone who has a love for underage children.
Whilst falling into a table full of drinks and thus scratching the oak floor 'This flat got kapowed!'
by Oh_hai_thur May 17, 2010
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Used when describing an extremely sexually attractive woman.
Often accompanied by the "hit-it" hand signal.

Also has many derivitives or shortened versions used to express more than just a hot lookin' fanny. Such as: Pow, Powzer, Powpowpow, ect.
"I saw your sister yesterday, KA-FUCKING-POWZER!!!" :fist fist fist:
by Yellowbeard R!!!! October 24, 2004
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