(pronounced ka-PAY-yow)lifes cheat code. When used as a battle cry, the next action you take automaticaly succeeds. OR
A loud noise
KAPOW!!!!!!!!!!!(throws a rock and blows up building)
by Spaz De Kat January 9, 2009
The resonating sound of a hymen being split. After that, its just bamfuck. See also bamfuck
"Yeah, I hit that. She was a vestal virgin. It was Kapow!!! And the angels sang..."


"She got kapowed like 5 years ago, now shes just bamfuck, bamfuck."
by Kane-en Ivory Wayens June 17, 2004
An expression of excitement and revolutionary energy that empowers the dissident and smashes oppression at once. Often used before keeyau.
KAPOW! (smashes the patriarchy) KEEYAU!!! (smashes Israeli apartheid)
by Adi Callai November 11, 2019
Pronounced KA-PAAA-EEWWW!

A cry out of awesomeness, satisfaction or accomplishment.

Can also nonchalantly pronounced, slightly wearily.
Toby: "Look at this sandwich baby, kapow!"

"I just tied my shoelaces, kapow!"

"Amsterdam is just kapow!"

Looking in the mirror. "Kapow!"
by Uforya June 23, 2010
To utterly destroy and or obliterate something
Kazeem kapowed the kitchen, it looked like a bomb crater afterwards.
by lissamary May 17, 2010
When some screams KaPow! They suddenly become awesome and an artist.
- Hey, I just wanna be fucking awesome...
- Just scream KaPow...

- KaPow!!! (Suddenly becomes a wise artistic Wizard)
by bleuagh bleuagh January 22, 2011
1. v. To completely destroy something.

2. n. Someone who has a love for underage children.
Whilst falling into a table full of drinks and thus scratching the oak floor 'This flat got kapowed!'
by Oh_hai_thur May 17, 2010