Dissident republican (True Republican)
One who is not going to sell-out
to the pro British GFA.
The provos have sold out, De Valera style..... At least the Continuity IRA (Dissidents) are still fighting for a united 32 county republic.
by Secret March 31, 2005
someone who often disagrees with you but who has your best interests at heart. Always rejects violence so cannot be called a terrorist or an anarchist. Generally dies young or never leaves the house (see house arrest).
Syntactically - dissident (which is a noun) has no associated verb stem. You cannot 'dissid'. You can do nothing dissidently - there is no associated adjective. In fact the word exists alone as an island in a sea of semantics. Perhaps this is why the meaning of the word has persisted unchanged for such a long time.
I'm gonna diss that dissident.
by millerthegorilla January 29, 2009
A person for whom exposure to cognitive dissonance has resulted in rational conclusions contrary to the 'official' narrative of history and/or culture. If this dissonance becomes great enough, the person will be compelled to start producing new cognitive dissonance, becoming a cognitive dissident.
An activist who disseminates information aimed at changing peoples opinions regarding an immoral status-quo could be regarded as a cognitive dissident
by grimeandreason July 6, 2010
It's basically when one reality collides with another reality and you don't have the ability to say I'll pick reality 'A' instead of reality 'B'. You have to figure out a way to coexist with the current reality and it usually produces some kind of dysfunction.
Cognitive dissidence is what happens to children when they're molested by a parent where their total source of security is also the source that betrays them.

This is also relative to Germany and the peoples response to Hitler.

Another example for United States citizens, where some people who were saying they had to vote for the man with integrity, therefore they had to vote for George W. Bush. Now that it has been made so apparent to all of us that Bush and his administration are a source of betrayal to our Constitution and our true values.

These are just a few examples but it goes way beyond these. It can happen in a million different ways.
by WikiYourRights February 20, 2007