To have one's developer code and work taken, manipulated, rebranded, and re-released by someone else with no credit.
Ultimate Droid kanged CyanogenMod by taking CM's code, theming the ROM, and then re-releasing it without taking out CM-specific easter eggs, and stripping out the credit and changelog for the CyanogenMod developers.
by Dr Macinyasha February 1, 2011
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To Kang(verb) - A process of making one`s history/story etc. to appear more African than it was or is.
A: Did you hear? There are alot of people that are trying to portray Da Vinci as an African.
B: *sigh* Kanging has truly gone too far
by Saaaaaaaaaaas March 5, 2019
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To steal or a stolen code when referring to programming. Also can refer to leaked coding.
I found this kang and here's a working distro for ya
by Pwnerz May 29, 2010
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A credit score rating label that should be added below "bad," so as to replace it as the bottom tier credit rating label, usually only achieved by frequent users and patrons of check cashing stores, pay-day advance/title loan businesses, and JJ's Fish & Chicken.
Financial Advisor: "Well, to be quite honest Mr. Jenkins, after this brief period that makes up your credit history, from a year ago today when your credit cards were first issued against the pleas, cries, and then...screams of many actuaries, quite a stir has been caused in the credit, finance, and banking communities. So much so in fact, that they just held an international conference in Zurich to discuss the controversial topic of adding a new credit score rating label that would replace 'bad' as the bottom credit score rating label. As you could imagine it was very hotly debated subject Mr. Jenkins, as the label range from 'excellent to bad' has been the industry standard for decades. It looked like it could have gone either way, but once firms started cited your frankly...abysmal credit history they had no choice but to come down in favor of adding the new score. So, congratulations, Mr. Jenkins you are the first person to plummet the depths of personal credit worthiness to earn a KANG credit score. You may never be a homeowner Mr. Jenkins, but on the upside here is a coupon for one free side at J.J.'s Fish & Chicken.
by Daniel Diogenes January 30, 2018
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Someone that's built like a fucking Kangaroo, Kang is a nickname for kangaroo the same way Ric is a Nickname for Eric and Manny is a nickname for Emmanuel same shit and we say Kang because kangaroos have BIG ASS FUCKING POUCHES, like calm down on those fucking sodas fat ass you're getting kangy fat mothafucka LMAO
dude, you've put on some fucking pounds you're a fucking KANG LOL
by Ricbandz23 August 1, 2023
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The green, slobbery, tentacled alien from The Simpson's, also Kodos's brother and Maggie's real father.
Kang in treehouse of horror VII: This is my sister Kodos.

( Kodos looks like a man and has a voice of a man... )
by kang and kodos August 4, 2009
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gansta way of saying 'king'
Yo o' fay im the kang of this hood
by Logan October 5, 2003
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