63 definitions by Logan

Something that is way to complicated, or confusing, and cannot possibly be explained to someone.

A combination of confusion and complication.
This is.........confucating.

Im confucated from the fact that you can actually do that!

BarryMan is confucating.
by Logan October 29, 2004
A man (havn't heard this one used on women) who has a good taste, who often takes good care of themselves and their belongings. They are self-assured in themselves enough to express their feelings with out fear of feeling like they are homosexual in the process. They are often mistaken for homosexuals in denial.
"He was so well dressed and good looking I was afraid he might have been gay until we had a chat and I ended up taking him home with me that night."
by Logan January 25, 2005
April 5th! The Day Kurt Cobain Killed Himself! April 5th 1994! R.I.P Kurt Cobain!
by Logan April 10, 2005
See also, snot rocket
Holding one nostril closed, and exhaling through the open one. Good way to avoid taking tissue into the mountain, where guide or counselers may make you "pack it out."
by Logan May 14, 2005
Ironforge in "I don't have a super computer" language. The incredably laggy alliance city in World Of Warcraft. Us gnomish engineers should blow it the hell up.
Findacano-DAMMIT! I just fell in the Lagforge pit again...
Findacano-At least I have a mount.
Silinde- >_<
by Logan October 4, 2005
To be Fat, Gay and a Poser.
by Logan August 16, 2006