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A person who learns about money only to find that people make random emotional decisions. The sacrificial lamb of the urban jungle. When financial markets are up, even the most ignorant advisor looks like a hero. When markets are down, the most professional and savvy advisor will be trash talked, fired and sued.
Hey, how come you're driving that piece of crap car?

I was a financial advisor in 2008.

Hey, who's that guy in the Mercedes?

That was a financial adviser who retired in 2007.
by Bluetired February 18, 2010
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A person, usually male, who lives in a really nice home, drives a really nice car, usually has a wife who doesn't work. All his possessions are due to the money he makes off of his clients when he buys and sells funds using their money. The advise he gives is to benefit himself and not you. Do yourself a favor and keep your money in the bank.
I used to have a small fortune in my port folio, then I took the advise of a financial advisor. Now he has half my money, and I don't have a pot to piss in.
by Just say no September 08, 2008
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