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A more enthusiastic version of the word "fit" to describe a member of the opposite sex. Not only are they "fit" they are really "fit" thus rendering them "Phit!!!!!!"
You are watching a music video when Beyonce comes on in a gold bikini. You say to your mates, "Phit!" They will understand what you mean.
by Rob D. Vyne July 12, 2004
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MJSBaldman punched a kid in the stomach at the movie theater, so Punch Him In Teh Stomach=PHITS, another variation is PYITS
If he doesn't shut his mouth, I'm gonna PHITS.
by April 07, 2004
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Originated on, now on, a member named MJSBossman punched a 12 year old boy at the movie theaters because he was being an annoying little prick, the term was coined by Bravo on Variations included PYITS, PMITS, PTITS etc
by sucks April 16, 2004
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(intentionally spelled this way to differentiate from "fit") NOUN The opposite of a SHART. Expecting an epic poo but getting mostly gas instead.

Phonetic hybrid of the words "fart" and "shit".
I took a mad phit but I still feel better.
by Feral Drollery October 16, 2010
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When a really fit women or girl is seen on screen or in the real world a male must shout out with enphasis:
A scally bird walks by with a skirt the size of a belt and tits hanging out.

by Marello July 12, 2004
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